About Us

Wheatfield wines originate from a long line of experienced wine makers. Wheatfield wines is a family owned and managed business, a skill passed down for generations from father to son. Today, still the tradition continues – Jan du Preez and his sons, Marcel and Jacques continue to uphold this tradition.

Wheatfield Wines is built on strong European wine making principles. The process from production, sourcing, maturation and to the market place is solely done by Jan, Marcel and Jacques. These wines are infused with a rich history and is made exclusively in small quantities under the care and supervision of Jan du Preez.

Jan du Preez – Production Director & Winemaker

Jan has more than 35 years’ experience in the local and international wine industry. He started his winemaking career at the Bergkelder in Stellenbosch and has since made wine at numerous famous wine estates in the Cape. Jan’s winemaking career has taken him to Germany in the Baden and Rheingau regions, as well as the Napa Valley in California. Because of Jan’s extensive production knowledge, locally and internationally, he was appointed to establish several well-known South African wine brands in the European market. With this knowledge, Jan moved back to South Africa and implemented this way of thinking into the local market through his own company.

Marcel du Preez – Sales & Marketing Director

Marcel grew up in a wine-making environment with his family being actively involved in the world of wine for three generations. Marcel always had a keen interest in distribution, sales and marketing. After his studies at Stellenbosch University, he gained valuable experience being involved in one of the biggest, well-known sports brands in the world. Since mid-2015, Marcel has ventured into the world of wine, establishing his own distribution, sales and marketing company situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. Marcel is actively involved in the distribution of Wheatfield Wines in South Africa and also acts in an advisory capacity in sales and marketing.

Jacques du Preez – Technical Advisor

Jacques studied viticulture at Elsenburg College in Stellenbosch and after a few years working in  the wine industry in South Africa, he decided to further his studies in Germany. Jacques graduated at the Weinsberg Institute for Oenology and Viticulture in 2010. Since 2010, Jacques established himself as a successful winemaker and estate manager of one of the most prestigious wine establishments in Germany. Jacques is involved in Wheatfield Wines as technical advisor on grape selections, as well as winemaking and red wine maturation practices. Jacques' contribution gives Wheatfield Wines a very interesting international flair.

Arno Louw 

Arno is a Johannesburg business man, partner in wheatfield wines, a family member and very knowledgeable when it comes to wine. Arno, during his 5 year stint in the wine industry, gathered valuable experience in sales, promotions and marketing both locally and internationally, making him a valuable asset to the wheatfield team.